EU countries refund VAT to companies established in non-member states. Bulgaria is no exception and a licensed VAT agent is required to drive you through the process. Cosmos Finance is one of the very few entities providing this support and we have been assisting companies through it. We are also providing VAT refund for Bulgarian individuals for their purchases in other EU countries.

Business Expenses

If you are a company operating in non-EU country (Israel, Iceland, Canada, Republic of Korea, Moldova, Macedonia, Norway, Serbia, Ukraine, Switzerland and Croatia), we can refund the taxes for your business trip expenses in Bulgaria.

TAX FREE shopping

If you are an individual, residing oursite the terrotory of the European Commnunity, you can take advantage of VAT refund on your purchases made in Bulgaria.

BG companies EU expenses

If you are a Bulgarian comapany we can make VAT refund from EU countries for expenses occured during your business trips.

Based in Bulgaria, our independent experts understand the local market and all its associated legal, financial and regulatory compliance requirements.

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The services and products of Cosmos Finance are to help our clients in a dynamically changing financial environment. The primary task is to provide fast, reliable and creative solutions. Our individual approach to each client ensures the development of business strategies tailored to the specific activities of the different company structures.


In 2012 the accounting department of Cosmos Shipping AD was separated in a newly established company named Cosmos Finance Ltd.

The new company continued to provide complex accounting, tax and financial services to all companies in Cosmos Group and also started some new activities as VAT reclain agency, transactions with financial instruments, investments in precious metals and market traded goods, accounting services and conslutancy. Cosmos Finance has extensive experience in providing agency services for VAT refunding to foregn legal entities and individuals since 2011. Cosmos Finance Ltd. is registered as VAT reclaim agent for the tax refund on VAT to non-taxable natural persons residing oursite the terrotory of the European Commnunity.

Ordinance MF1048 dd 23.02.2010:

You have the right to reimburse the VAT charged and included in the invoices issued to your company as of 22.08.2010: Israel, Iceland, Canada, Republic of Korea, Moldova, Macedonia, Norway, Serbia, Ukraine, Switzerland and Croatia have been included in the list of countries which have the right to refund VAT, effectively paid transactions with Bulgarian partners in Bulgaria


Cosmos Finance is a beneficiary of project BG16RFOP002-2.073 "Support to micro and small enterprises to overcome the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic"

We can offer an individual and tailored service that is scalable in line with clients’ individual needs and is invoiced in whatever currency or location the client prefers.

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1. When making a purchase with the amount of VAT of 50.00 and above BGN (levs), ask the staff at the store to issue you a form / request for reimbursement with the orginal invoice issued with your name.

2. Show purchases – in their original package, the invoice and form / request for reimbursement to the Custom authorities when leaving Bulgaria. The invoice and the request should be mandatory stamped by the Customs officer. The export of the purchased goods must be made no later than 3 / three / months from the date of invoice.

3. Fill in the back of the second copy of the form/request for reimbursement your bank details, postal address, e-mail address.

4. Send the completed and certified by a Customs officer first and second copies from the form/request/requests and the original invoice/invoices for the purchase to the specified in the request/bottom left/address of "Cosmos Finance" Ltd., no later than 6 six/months from the date of invoice.


Our mission is to work for our clients, offering high-quality products and services, ensuring them quick, reliable, creative and effective decisions for the success of their business.


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